Picard stands for “Preconditioned ICA for Real Data”. This algorithm quickly solves maximum-likelihood ICA. It is detailed in Faster ICA by preconditioning with Hessian approximations.

Picard-O is an adaptation of Picard which solves the same problem as FastICA, while being much faster on real data. It can also separate super- and sub- Gaussian sources. It is detailed in Faster ICA under orthogonal constraint.

Python and matlab code is available online at


Qndiag is a very fast algorithm for joint diagonalization of symmetric matrices. Python and matlab code is available at

Momentum Resnets

Momentum resnets are a drop-in replacement for residual networks, that consume much less memory. The code is available at


KSD descent is an algorithm to draw samples from a distribution when only its score is available. The code is at, and it also contain a tested implementation of the celebrated SVGD algorithm.


mvlearn is a general purpose library for machine learning on multiview data: it closely mimics the scikit-learn API, but handles multi-view datasets. It is available at